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Jena is currently attending the Emmys, she is looking absolutely gorgeous. Earlier today she also attended the History Channel’s Pre-Emmy Party. Photos of both events will be added to the gallery tomorrow but for now here are two previews!

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Today is Jena’s 27 birthday. I’d like to wish a very happy birthday and I hope she has a great day!

Happy Birthday Jena!

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Hey guys, so sorry for the lack of updates. I will update later today. But for now I have video’s of Jena’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 17. Enjoy!

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Thanks to her sharp performances in Saved!, Into the Wild, and The Messenger, Jena Malone has become an indie cinema fixture – and she’s also got a rock band, called The Bloodstains.

While we wait for Jena’s next movie, Sucker Punch, to come out (directed by Zac Snyder, it also stars Vanessa Hudgens), we can snack on “Electric Love,” the new music video by Dirty Vegas that stars Jena herself.

You’ve got your own band, but this video is for another one. How did it happen?
James Gooding is an old friend of mine. We met on a photo shoot. We really hit it off creatively. We got to collaborate together where I did a typewriter text for the interview, and he did this really beautiful collage of my text and his images, and he stained it with coffee and we made these interesting pictures together. So we became friends; he’s shot my band when we play live. And he called me up, said “I’m directing.” I was stoked because he has a really interesting eye and a really unique vision. So I said yes before I knew what it even was!

Anything surprising?
Well then he said, “Do you know how to pole dance?!” But Sucker Punch trained me well. I have a little experience.
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Jena Malone turned 26 yesterday. I would like to wish her a happy belated birthday. I hope she had a wonderful day with friends and family.

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